Psalms 29:11 "The Lord will give strength to his people;

  the Lord will bless his people with peace." 

This website's music will strengthen you and disciple you in Christ,

and also bring you God's peace via the instrumentals.

If you are not sure if you are one of "His people" then you will be introduced to the Lord herein...and upon receiving Christ, you will indeed receive this incredible promise of God's strength and peace. These will be needed in the days ahead, as the Kingdom of Light and the Kingdom of Darkness battle for the souls of men.

Handmaiden Music is Music With This Mission:

To Impart Strength and Peace in Jesus' Name.


You are invited to hear and enjoy Handmaiden Music's 15 Albums at no cost.

 (149 songs of discipleship and easy-listening instrumentals)

There are also devotionals, articles, blog links, and bible studies herein. 


To begin, simply click on CD of choice.

Once into a CD, scroll down find the play buttons and lyrics. All songs of a different sound, rhythm, texture, click all over...and receive from the Lord that which He has to impart to you through the music.

This website was designed for computer, so if you are using a smartphone or ipad, you may have to scroll down past the menu area to view each page's content, and lyrics are not visible when listening. Downloading from iTunes instead of streaming the music is an option you may desire, for then you can see the lyrics as you listen.

Handmaiden Music is providing full track sampling, with lyrics to follow along, without need for purchase, because then even those of you who can't afford to purchase downloads for your devices can still receive "God's Messages" within the music....Those within the privacy of their own homes can be ministered to by the Spirit of God, the iPad-iPhone generation can enjoy downloads, missionaries can enjoy themselves and share, teachers can teach from in bible studies or home groups, those in the USA and foreign countries can hear, whether they be poor, meek, or unemployed at present... prisoners, etc can all be ministered to, etc.  It is Harvest Time. And this is Music With A Mission!

SO PLEASE Use the social networking links at page bottoms to share Handmaiden Music with others. It is by word-of-mouth that the news of this free listening christian music will spread. Pass along a URL of an album or song you enjoy, or of the whole website, and enable Christ to touch others as well, that Handmaiden Music may accomplish this Go Make Disciples...and Impart His Peace.


The music is a gift ... for those who will simply receive it...

 GIVEN by the Spirit of God FOR YOU.


 My name is Elizabeth Norland, the songwriter, recording artist and publisher of Handmaiden Music.  And although years in the making, this is word-for-word, from my journal, of what the Lord spoke into my heart as He began to give me this music for all people of all nations... music for those already His, and for those He is calling to become His Children or to return unto Him:  

"The Hour is coming to release a New Sound among the Nations.

The "sound" of a loving, caring parent for his children.

The "sound" of instruction.

The "sound" of encouragement.

The "sound" of grace to Be Mine.

The hunger is EXTREME out there.

It is a hunger FOR ME, JESUS, just as I let you feel today.

It is a hunger for "MY words" not "just words"....

Hunger for My Presence within and power throughout."

The vision given:

To create MUSIC that would go throughout the land, and be used TO DISCIPLE - and to bring PEACE  ....a type of music that would cause people to "allow Christ into their lives" to transform them through His Word. This music to be like the "spoonful of sugar that helps the medicine go down", for the Word of God is not always easily received or digested, but it contains life and health to the hearer. Music makes  the messages... some of them hard...more palatable. Scriptural and easy to understand, discipleship becoming "enjoyable" and "simple" as music explains the heart of God and His call to righteousness as found in His Word.

YOU...are the object of HIS AFFECTION.

HE... wants to speak to you.  

HE... desires to use many means to woo you, and to draw you nearer.

Some won't go into a church...some can't... but the Good Lord will come to you.

He seeks and saves....for He loves you, and longs to have a relationship with you. 

Music is the ideal language, for it bypasses the mind and all the walls we construct to protect and keep out, and it comes right into our inner parts, where God can then speak to us Spirit to spirit.  And modern technology, with our download capabilities, can now be God's means to speak to you One-on-one in your own homes through the music. I am certain he will use many people toward this same purpose, but this is simply my part of His plan. This music is for such a time as this, though God began to give it years ago...His  loving sovereignty dictating...

  I have a life-long relationship with Christ, yet am not boastful of my voice or talents, for this music isn't about me, and I have nothing to prove.  I believe the greatest deeds are done before the audience of One, and my heart has only been to please God, by doing the work of putting what  He has given me in a recorded format, so that it can now be shared. In short, I'm giving you, what He has given me.  I am simply His Handmaiden. Thus the name given this music.

PLEASE, do not listen to MY voice... listen to HIS...  Do not hone in at my talent or lack thereof, focus on what God is saying to your own heart.  This is what I ask of you, the listeners. Approach each song with a prayer and open heart that simply replies to God, as Samuel did in scripture when God desired to speak to him after many years of  being silent among the people:  "Speak Lord, for Thy Servant Hears."  I Sam 3:10